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Welcome to the Kia Family!  With the purchase of your Kia you are now a part of the Chorley Group Blackpool Kia Family - we like to treat our customers just like family members. You can find out more about Kia Family-like Care by Clicking here.. We hope this Owner’s section will provide you with all the necessary information you’re looking for. 

There is even have a ‘Kia Locator App’ you can now download for free which provides information about Chorley Group Blackpool or even a  dealer across Europe if you are planning a family trip. Click here. to download the Kia Locator App.

We will be adding more information and updating our Owner's section frequently. So make sure you visit again to see all the latest information and offers we have for our family members.


It is really important to make sure your Kia is serviced according to the manufacturers’ service schedule. We built your Kia, so of course we feel we are best placed to keep it running to the highest standard you expect. We strongly recommend using one of our Kia dealers, who will carry out all of the necessary service and maintenance for your Kia with one of our trained technicians. You can be assured that our dealers and technicians will only use Kia Genuine Parts while carrying out any service or maintenance requirements. Servicing your Kia at a Kia dealer will not only safeguard your vehicle’s performance, but will also enhance the resale value of your vehicle by having a full Kia service history.

Service Intervals

You can find your service intervals in your Warranty Information and Service Record booklet provided with your Kia or contact us on Click here


In order to maintain the performance of your Kia we suggest regularly checking the following between your scheduled service intervals:

• Engine oil level

• Brake fluid level

• Coolant level

• Windscreen washer level

• Lights

• Tyre pressures and their condition.

You can find more information and advice in your Kia owner’s manual. To help you with the maintenance of your Kia, Chorley Group Blackpool Kia offer a complimentary Vehicle Health Check by one of our trained Kia technicians. Please contact to make a booking on 01253 400510.

Kia Care -3

Kia Care-3 and Care-3 Plus are our service packages which fix the price of your first 3 or 5 services at extremely competitive prices offering great value servicing for your new Kia. To welcome you to the Kia family we offer this exclusive service package on selected new Kia models.

Some of the key benefits of Kia Care-3 and Care-3 Plus are:

• Excellent value for money
• Fixed cost and inflation proof servicing
• Available for the first 3 or first 5 services of your new Kia
• Your Kia will receive a full service history enhancing your resale value
• Packages are transferable to the new owner if you decide to sell your Kia
• Kia trained technicians will only use Kia Genuine Parts, using the latest tools and diagnostic equipment
• Prices are inclusive of VAT

Kia Care-3 customers can now also purchase their first MOT test for just £30 (3 service package only). So why not take advantage of our great value servicing and fix the price for your new Kia with Kia Care-3. 

Service Plans

We also offer Service Plans which allow you to spread the cost of future servicing through simple monthly payments.

Just like our Care- 3 service packages, Service Plans are based on Kia service schedules including all parts, labour, engine oil and other lubricant requirements.

A Service Plan not only applies to new Kia vehicles, but also to used Kia vehicles. Existing customers can also take up a Service Plan at any time to plan for future service requirements. A bespoke monthly payment plan can be calculated by our Service Advisors  based on your model, annual mileage and your desired cover period contact them on 01253 400510 or by click here.

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Meet The Aftercare Team at Chorley Group Blackpool

Service Booking

Why not book your service with us today with our Online service booking option?

Servicing your Kia

Kia’s workshop services offer a professional and high quality repair and maintenance service.   Our technicians are highly trained and qualified and ensure an expert and efficient service.  Why not book your service with us today with our Online service booking option?

Kia Care

Kia Care - Service Plans

Kia Care Servicing

We know it is important to regularly service your vehicle and that's why we introduced Kia Care - an exclusive service package across some of our Kia models. Offering you a competitive fixed priced package on your first 3 car services with Kia Care, or first 5 services with Kia Care Plus, you can relax with the peace of mind that your first few years servicing on your new Kia are take care of - and all at an extremely competitive cost.

7 Year Warranty

Kia 7 Year Warranty

All Kia Approved Used cars have the same 7 year warranty as our new cars. They also come with a minimum of a full three year unlimited mileage warranty. Only Kia provide a warranty this long.


Tyres for your Kia

Tyres are the only point of contact your Kia has with the road surface; therefore they should be checked regularly.  And where better to get your Kia some new tyres then at your local Kia dealer?

Bodywork repairs

Kia body work

All our approved bodywork technicians use genuine parts to keep your vehicle looking as good as it drives.  Kia approved bodyshops work to the highest standards throughout the repair process which means we can ensure our Kia approved bodyshops deliver the best service possible for you and your Kia!

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