A Brief History

On the 1st March 1981 at the bottom of Somerset Road, Huddersfield, Longley Park Motors (taking its name from the golf course opposite) opened for trading as a Lada dealer.

The company was founded by chairman Tony Baines. The garage service has been a part of the Huddersfield community for the last 30 years. It now occupies a unique position in the town as the only independent family run Dealership.

We're very proud to be a supporting partner to several local charity and sports teams, including Huddersfield Town FC 

A genuine friendly and trustworthy approach has always been the Longley Park way; customers are part of our team, all of this in a relaxed environment. The company has always tried to do the right thing by customers and staff, always ethical, always long term. The health and wellbeing of our customers, staff and the business has always remained the driving force.

Despite several plans and aborted attempts to move and "expand" we refuse to take undue risk with the stability of our business and all that risk incorporates. We have seen countless Motor Dealerships come and go in our time.

In 2008 we expanded and invested heavily in opening a Brand New KIA Aftersales facility incorporating all the very latest technology, equipment and customer comforts. All this is conveniently situated approx 300 metres from the showroom. It has created easy parking for customers and a much better working environment for staff. Our KIA showrooms and forecourt display up to 80 new and used cars. Our environment is non pressure.

Longley Park Motors has a diligent and skilled workforce of 15 local people. It is a genuine business you can trust, out to satisfy all local motoring needs.

The garage is family run by Managing Director John Waite and Company Secretary Gwynneth Baines (mother and son). Tony Baines our founder and chairman died in 2008.

We have vast experience and knowledge across the whole business but the most important thing we hope you will discover is our attitude......we want to help. Many dealers can make buying a car or getting the information you want difficult. Let us restore your faith in the motor industry. At Longley Park we will try and make your visit, call or contact a satisfying and comfortable one.

John Waite
Managing Director

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